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Warranty Information

We aim to provide the highest quality products at all times. Electronic Cigarettes by nature are made up of consumables and replacing such consumables is part of the ongoing costs of using them. They are relatively cheap to run and keeping them well maintained will ensure the costs are even lower.

The majority of our products are tested before delivery to you.

We will  assess all warranty claims to ensure that items are not damaged through user error. We do this to ensure any items we send back to our suppliers are not knocked back for abuse.
All of our products carry the manufacturers warranty as stipulated in the user guide for vape devices.

We have a service agent in Australia and there is no need to return your product to the manufacturer for warranty claims.

Batteries have a life span of about 250-300 recharges and only come with a 30 day warranty.
For all warranty claims, please email us with your problem or phone us in our business hours 04004 90425


We will require the faulty items to be sent back the service agent  for inspection and testing. Return postage of faulty items is at the customer's expense. If a replacement is deemed to be necessary we will cover postage of the replacement item by express post in Australia only. If we find no fault with the item being returned the return postage will be at the customer's expense.
The term of warranty is specified inside the user guide of the product and is the manufacturers warranty. 
 Our E-juice contains food grade products and is freshly mixed to suit your needs and nicotine content E-Juice is not returnable. E-Juice that has had other additives added by the purchaser and not us is not covered by our warranty and Devils E-Juice shall not be liable for such additives unless they have been previously approved by our chemists.
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