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We have been contacted on several occasions by people asking for higher concentrations of VG (Vegetable Glycerine).

All of our standard mixes come in 50%VG and 50% PG for the following reasons:

1. Higher concentrations of VG shorten the life cycle of your coils and unless you are into re wicking and rebuilding your own coils factory coils  can be costly.

2. Higher VG concentrations take much longer to steep (Reach full flavour maturity) depending on flavour between 3 weeks to to 2 months. We do not think you would be interested in waiting that long to vape your juice.

3. We are interested in helping smokers quit smoking and take up vaping as a 95% healthier alternative, we are not interested in encouraging Cloud Chasers as we hold a firm belief that irresponsible vapers that indulged in this form of exhibitionism in public places be they pubs, clubs or other public venues are primarily responsible for the tightening up of vaping legislation across Australia through their hooning with vapes.  This alarmed the uneducated and ill informed public and hence we responsible vapers had to suffer the consequences.

However, should you wish to have different concentrations of VG/PG mix we can provide the same. However, these e-juices will only be mixed in a minimum quantity order of 100 ml  bottles and the price structure is between $AUD60-$AUD70  for 100 mls., depending on the flavour you desire. 

We do not keep these in stock and they will need to be mixed to your requirement and steeping will be required ranging between 3 weeks to 2 month depending on flavour. Please allow for steeping needs.

As mentioned above High VG content juice takes longer to steep than our regular 50/50 range.

 If you wish to order these products then you would have to do so by email or contacting our Australian representative Nick, by phone during business hours.

All prices quoted on our website are for 50/50 mixes.  Orders placed using these prices will be sent at these blends.


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