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About Us

From humble beginnings in Australia we had to move to N.Z.  

Due to The Australian Government refusing to allow the sale of Nicotine E-Juice we have relocated our Head office to New Zealand as of the 19th of April 2017  All orders for Nicotine E-Juice will be available by mail order only.  This is the only way you can legally obtain Nicotine E-Juice for personal use. We are now specialising mainly in E-juice production and sales.  

We are all vapers and are family run.  We do not employ external workers or are interested in emails or contacts from other companies offering their services. Our loyalty is only to Australia and Australians and we do not sell or ship to other countries other than Australia.  As soon as the Australian government sees some sense and legalises Nicotine E-Juice in Australia we will once again be based in Australia.  We do have a small subsidiary company in Australia manufacturing and selling zero nicotine e-juice known as Duck River E-Juice a vaper of 6 years standing and a relative of ours.  All zero nicotine e-juice is shipped under his label and is the same quality and recipe as the ones we manufacture.

We do have an Australian representative that you can talk to during business hours that being:  Mon-To Fri 9a.m to 4:30p.m.  Saturday 9 a.m to Noon.

The hours shown are AEST Daylight saving applies when in force.

You can contact Nick on 03 6416 0120  or Mobile 04004 90425


These are our new premises in NZ

Our E-Juice lab is  air conditioned and dust proof facilities and we use only the best ingredients on the market