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Tobacco Flavoured E-Juice

Nicotine E-Juice is now available from our New Zealand Head Office Mail Order Only


Due to brand name copyright we are not allowed to call the flavors by the names associated with the flavor they simulate.  The names given to our flavors will enable you to guess which tobacco flavors they simulate.   All our tobacco flavors are imported from overseas as is menthol and prices are higher than Aussie made non tobacco flavors.

All our e-liquids contain the highest quality food grade flavors mixed with pharmaceutical quality PG and VG 

Nicotine e-juice is compounded by our pharmacists in NZ.


 The Nicotine used in our products  is the purest and freshest Nicotine solution available in the market that is derived from the finest, pesticide-free Tobacco leaves. It is naturally sourced.  We do not use Synthetic Nicotine nor advise anyone to use the same.