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Nicotine Salts All the Rage or are they?

Nicotine Salts

Much discussion has been seen on various forums about the new rage in vaping Nicotine salts.  We have spoken to a leading industrial chemist in Australia and he strongly advises against them.

Here is what he says:

The reaction between salts and freebase isn't a straightforward one in a mix like ejuice. There are bound to be sways around freebase-salts on either side of equilibrium - the exception being a completely balanced equation and maintaining a constant temperature and pressure. In fact, Id posit that there are numerous concentrations of nic-salt formations in e-liquid that has been made with freebase, simply due to the acids/bases in flavourings and extractions that people are using (citric acid etc etc).

Formation of salts can be achieved through use of a number of acids, many of which we have been vaping for quite some time (Malic, Citric etc). It is interesting to note that pre made cigarettes are known to have ammonia salts in them, to assist in nicotine transport once combusted. 

I'm not sold on the use of benzoic acid personally, while it is used as a food additive, vaping and adding it to e liquid may (and I mean MAY) be a different issue. In a simple world, the acid will bond ironically to a positive ion (such as sodium to make sodium benzoate), but there is more than that going on in e liquid. 
Simpler acids like those mentioned earlier, IMO, are a better option for creating a nic salt.

I've personally never felt the need to move towards the salts-hype, although I do vape at 0.5mg so there is no reason for me to go that way. It does raise another question as to long term health effects.

 The heightened addictive nature of salts isn't something to discount.
Speculative on my behalf as I don't, and haven't used Nic salts, and dont plan on doing so."

So our conclusion is this, yes, nicotine salts do give a more smoother vape, but and this is the BIG BUT  What exactly are you putting into your lungs?

We have also seen what one brand of Nicotine salts do to high powered sub ohm mods.  Its not pretty, coils gunk up real quick and there are what resembles carbon deposits on the wicks.  Are these going into your lungs like cigarette tar?  

If you are going to use nicotine salts then you are limitted to a MTL pod. A tootle puffing device. Forget about DL vaping with them.

Nicotine salts are designed for low powered pods and require high mg/ml to give you that Nic hit that you get with free base.  You will need to use more millilitres of Nic Salts than you would use of free base nicotine.   We have so far tried three brands and none seemed to give the desired economical effect.

In our humble opinion folks its a manufacturers scam to make you use more of their salts product than you would use of free base nicotine.  We will not manufacture e-juice with Nicotine salts.

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