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Media Hype Death in USA allegedly caused by vaping.

No doubt you have all seen the BS media hype on just about all Australian TV channels  about a death in the USA of one person alleged to vaping.  Not even the medical examiner in the USA can prove that this death was caused by a vape but the use of Cannabis oil or THC substances is the culprit.  No oil substance is suitable for vaping.  

We at Devils E-Juice do not even sell or recommend and E-Juice that some vendors call Mary Jane which is supposed to mimic the taste of Marijuana.  We also refrain from fancy labeling of our e-juice bottles for the very reason outlined in one telecast on ABC in Australia whereby fancy labels make the bottles attractive to children.

As you well know our products come in plain label pharmaceutical blue bottles that resemble medication and not some la-de-da fancy drink that will attract children.

We at Devils E-Juice are only interested in helping smokers quit cigarettes and not encourage non smokers to take up vaping. 

We do not maintain or promote that vaping is safer than smoking.  We leave that topic to professionals and your own individual research.  Suffice it to say that we accept the findings of the UK College of Physicians and Surgeons. If their findings were erroneous then in our humble opinion the British Government or the NZ government would not have legalized their usage as a genuine smoking cessation  product.

The decision as to vape or smoke is yours as responsible adults.


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