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Change in E-Juice Regulations

TGA confirms nicotine e-cigarette access is by prescription only


Whist this may be a slight win, that the TGA has finally recognised the therapeutic benefits of e-cigarettes/vapes this is still asinine stupidity.  

Just what is in that cigarette?


The thing is I could have easily put up pictures of black cancered lungs, or of may other things which smoking causes.  But I wanted to really let you decide.  Smoking is after all a life style choice, all be it one that shortens it.  But if you make a choice to smoke then you need to also expect and accept the consequences. 

You may have read all the conspiracy theories on various social media pages about Covid Vaccine and eugenics how certain global personalities consider our planet overpopulated and they want to cull the population.  Yes, well, the cigarette is no conspiracy theory.  It is certainly culling the global population and at the same time filling up hospital beds with smoking related sickness that no media chooses to report.

Having said all this, does it not seem obvious to you by now the Australian Government does not want you to have the same access to e-juice as any adult can have to cigarettes?

After all did the governments in all states of Australia declare that VAPING IS SMOKING and banned vaping in all areas where smoking is prohibited?

If this is the case then why a prescription for e-juice and not a packet of carcinogenic cigarettes, is not vaping at least 90% safer than smoking?
Look at the picture above as to the toxic components of a cigarette.
What are the components of E-Juice?  Where is their toxicity compared to a cigarette?

The TGA goes on to say:

"This decision, announced by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) today, aims to prevent adolescents and young adults from taking-up nicotine e-cigarettes while allowing current smokers to access these products for smoking cessation on their doctor's advice."

I have not read so much to use a good old Aussie expression; Bull Shit, in my entire life.  Kids get access quicker to cigarettes than they do to e-juice.  They either steal their parents cigarettes or get seniors to buy them for them. I have personally seen this and yes I reported it to the seller who stated:

"I did not sell it to an underage person but to an adult, what he does with what he buys after he left my premise is none of my business."

The same dear reader equally applies to alcoholic beverages alas. 

Do we see the sale of Alcohol by prescription only?

Heaven forbid. 

So why all the who ha with E-Juice. 

The only good part I read is:

"Consumers can continue to import nicotine e-cigarettes to assist with smoking cessation with a doctor's prescription. Consumers will also be able to obtain nicotine e-cigarettes from local pharmacies and Australian based on-line pharmacies, with a prescription from an Authorised Prescriber or under the TGA Special Access Scheme. The requirement for a prescription will provide an opportunity for consumers to receive advice from their doctor on smoking cessation in the context of their overall health management."

Fine, by all means consult your doctor, if you can find one that is remotely interested in E-cigarettes or e-juice.  Why do I say such negative things about the medical profession?

Remember this folks.  Illness of any sort is big business for the Doctors, Pharmaceutical companies, Pharmacies, hospitals, employment for hospital staff etc., etc, ad infinitum.  Then also consider the financial benefits to the Federal Treasury which we are constantly reminded off every time a price of  a packet of cigarettes goes up.  Triple tax  folks.  Australia does not grow tobacco, all our tobacco products are imported.    We pay:

1. Import Tax  72.9%

2. Excise Tax ( 

Federal excise tax revenues—collected mostly from sales of motor fuel, airline tickets, tobaccoalcohol, and health-related goods and services—totaled nearly $100 billion in 2019, or 2.9 percent of total federal tax receipts.)

3. Last but not least, GST.

Now if this is not blatant theft by your government then I am a monkey's uncle.

When you consider all the above, who then wants you to quit smoking through vaping when you at present only pay 10% GST?  No one I can see that is any authoritative position.

Yes there are a handful or should  I say a teaspoon full of doctors that have seen the light and do issue prescriptions but no medicare bulk billing for this consultation.  The last doctor I went to about this, the cost was $75 for the consultation and prescription a fraction of which I got back from Medicare.  

So it seems that 

In the coming months there will be a wide range of educational and communication resources to support health professionals and consumers on the changes. The TGA website, which will be updated regularly, includes more information for consumers and health professionals about the changes.

Consumers who may be affected by these changes are encouraged to speak to their medical practitioner regarding potential options ahead of the 1 October 2021 implementation date.

The ball is in your court folks.  Have a prescription to cover yourselves.





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