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We do not as a rule worry about blogging. We communicate with our customers via Facebook Messenger or a more secure app called Telegram as Facebook has been hacked recently and is not secure.  We try to stay off Facebook.

It is worthy of discussion, that South Australia has totally gone ape shit in so far as their proposed legislation is going to ban you a South Australian resident from placing orders on line let alone visit any possible vape store that may be struggling to exist.  Sorry to hear this folks, however, how the hell are they going to do this block your IP address from visiting any possible vape site of your choice?

If so there are heaps of VPN servers available, we find Express VPN useful  which we use when the ninny nannies try to block us from viewing overseas movie channels. Get yourself a VPN and go for it. We for instance when we watch blocked movie channels log in from a USA server, no problem. 

As far as we know, both Australia Post and Customs are a Federal Government institution and not controlled by any fool premier of any state.  Under Federal law you are allowed to order vape hardware and vape juice from anywhere.  Also as we understand it you are allowed to import nicotine e-juice for your own personal use. Yes you may need a doctor's prescription for it depending how asinine your state is.

So far in Australia there has, to our knowledge not one vaper that has been prosecuted for vaping nicotine. 



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